Irene Leonard, JD MCC

Irene Leonard, J.D., Master Certified Coach

Business Coach for Lawyers

Helping Lawyers Grow Successful Practices

I enjoy working with lawyers and other professionals to help them grow and manage successful, rewarding practices. My clients are located in both the United States and Canada because we work together over the phone. “The best part of my work is the opportunity to share in my clients’ successes.”

A Business Coach With Broad Legal Experience        

I practiced law in the United States and Canada for more than 18 years before deciding that I wanted to work with lawyers as their business coach. I have a wide understanding and appreciation for the issues affecting the business aspects of a law practice. I worked as general counsel for a large corporation, a member of a law firm, and I built my own solo practice. Each of these areas, especially my role as general counsel, gives me insight in helping my clients with their practice.

Professional Development Coaching

It was in 1997 that I started my new career as a business and professional development coach. Along with my law and business background I have extensive training in the area of  professional coaching, which make me well-qualified to help lawyers identify and advance their law practice management goals.

Master Certified Coach

I’ve achieved the highest level of coaching certification with the ICF – I’m a Master Certified Coach. I’m a certified professional coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute. I’ve taken many coaching training programs including Leadership, Relationship or Systems Coaching, and ADD Coaching.

Continual Learning is Important

Learning is a very important value for me and one of my objectives is to keep up with what’s important in the practice of law so that I can be an informed, valuable resource for my clients and other lawyers.

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