Use a hiring plan to hire your next law practice associate

Target hiring well

If it’s time to make your next or first hire for a law practice associate create a hiring plan that will help you avoid making any of the following ten hiring mistakes. If you worry about making a mistake hiring your next associate take time to think about and plan your next hire.

Avoid these Law Practice Associate Hiring Mistakes  

Here are 10 hiring mistakes you can plan to avoid so you can successfully grow your law practice.

  • Hiring the first person that comes along.  Hiring Mistake #1.

Be more selective. Even if it takes longer and is more work.

  • Not having a clear idea of what you need in your next hire.  Mistake #2.

Have a complete idea of the job description and caliber of person you wish to hire.

  • Not having a clear idea of the skills set that the new hire really needs to meet your objectives. Mistake #3.

Include the skills in your job description after thinking through what you plan to delegate to them.

  • Not asking questions that will really reveal the true self and skills of the potential candidate.  Mistake #4.

Have prepared questions that are intended to help you reveal the true self of the candidate.

  • Giving up when you feel you keep hiring the wrong the person and decide not to hire anyone else. Mistake #5.

Don’t give up, just improve your hiring plan by figuring out what you should do differently to find the right person.

  • Assuming that if the candidate is expensive they must be good. Mistake #6.

Money is not a good indicator of a person’s skills or fit.

  • After hiring the candidate, not giving enough, or any, mentoring or guidance to help the new hire succeed. Mistake #7.

Have your hiring plan include how you will provide the training and guidance the candidate will need to succeed.

  • Not investing the time necessary to ensure a good hiring decision. Hiring Mistake #8.

Plan the time to do this well.

  • Relying on others to find the new hire. Mistake #9.

You need to take part in the process if you want a good fit .

  • Waiting until your workload reaches such an extreme level that you don’t have time to hire properly resulting in making all or most of the above mistakes. Mistake #10.

Have a strategic plan in place that includes what practice benchmarks you need to reach to start the hiring process.

To avoid the mistakes have a hiring plan that addresses each of the above.

If you would like coaching on how to hire your next associate, please contact me , Irene Leonard, Business Lawyer Coach to see how I can assist you.


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