Life Balance for Lawyers is Achievable with a Plan

Life Balance For Lawyers Seems Elusive

Live Life: BalanceIn this high-speed world of schedules, commitments, stress, and demands on your time and energy, work life-balance for lawyers seems elusive.  Balance is comparing the needs and wants of your professional life with your personal and family life and making decisions as to how to juggle the competing interests.

Balance isn’t a static place, it’s dynamic, as the balance point is always changing. The positive news is that you can reach a balance point when you have a plan.

Some days, weeks, or even months you can accept the high pace necessary to serve your clients, but then you need to carve out a slower less frenetic pace in order to achieve the balance you need to sustain yourself and avoid “burnout”.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Along the path to achieving balance it’s important to realize that balance is personal; what might be a balanced practice to you is likely to be completely different from the lawyer in the next office.

Being in balance requires consistent, conscious thought about the choices or decisions you make at any given time.  When you say yes to something what are you saying no to?  And vise versa?  Being in balance requires that your actions be in alignment with your values and what’s important to you.  Saying yes to what’s most important and no to what’s still important is really challenging.

Complete these five exercises to help you come up with a plan to achieve balance:

  1. What do you want? What is the image of your life being in balance.
  2. Determine clear, realistic goals with a meaningful time line.
  3. What’s important to you? What are your values? What will help you say no?
  4. What time management skills do you need to incorporate to help you achieve the balanced life you desire.
  5. What will motivate you to implement necessary behavioral changes?

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