Seek Feedback from Clients during Representation

Good to Great Legal Service

Some lawyers get feedback from their clients on how their services were after a transaction or law suit is completed.  That’s a good idea.  A great idea is to get the feedback when you can do something to help your client when they need it – while you are working with them.

Getting feedback on how you’re doing is also an effective way to maintain a good relationship with your client that leads to future work and referrals.

Seeking feedback from your clients during your representation gives the client what they need and want during the matter. Although clients appreciate lawyers that want to do better in the future, they would rather their lawyer did better during their deal.

Ask Good Questions

Don’t wait until the end of your representation to find out how you could serve your clients better.  Ask your clients today:

“What more can I do to make this transaction easier for you?

“How well is my office handling your matter?”

What could I be doing better?”

Ask open ended questions like the above.

Consider this analogy of restaurant service to put into perspective the importance of getting feedback while you can fix the problem. How do you feel about a restaurant where the waitperson does not ask how your meal was until you’re finished, if at all, and there were things that could have been improved had the waitperson checked in with you so you could voice your concerns?  I expect you aren’t happy.

Many times your concerns aren’t a big deal – otherwise you would have sought them out and had the problem fixed.  But those small concerns impact your overall sense of the service of the restaurant and you aren’t likely to refer that restaurant or return.

Also, consider how much you appreciate the waitperson that quickly checks in after the delivery of each course and then very politely gives you what you want or need. That’s the kind of service that instills loyalty.

Instill Loyalty

That should be the kind of good experience you want to give your clients – an experience that instills loyalty. Do this by finding out what you can do better as early as possible and then do it respectfully and politely.

Getting feedback to fix any small concerns as they arise is critical to keeping clients loyal.

If you would like coaching on how to ask for feedback from clients, please contact me , Irene Leonard, Business Lawyer Coach to see how I can assist you.

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