Become a Better Writer and Produce Docs faster with WordRake

WordRake Software Helps Lawyers Become Better Writers and Produce Documents Faster

This month’s Law Practice Management post is written by guest blogger Christy Burke, Founder of Burke and Company  and regular columnist at Legal IT Professionals. WordRake, is one of Burke’s clients.

 Lawyers must be excellent writers, but they also must produce briefs, memos, and contracts quickly.

Imagine a tool that could not only teach lawyers how to write better, but simultaneously and quickly could also edit your documents.  Lawyer and New York Times bestselling author, Gary Kinder, has created that tool.  Drawing on his 25-year career teaching lawyers how to improve their writing, he worked with a team of former Microsoft engineers to create the WordRake software – a tool embedded in your Microsoft Word toolbar. They now hold six U.S. patents for their methods.

Although any professional organization can benefit from using WordRake software, law firms particularly rely on it, because more rides on the words of lawyers than on the words of any other profession.  The beauty of the tool lies in its simplicity: compose a document in Microsoft Word, hit the “Rake” button, and accept or reject the WordRake software’s suggestions.

WordRake software will edit a 10-page document in about 30 seconds, detecting and highlighting words that add no meaning.  It helps lawyers – and their clients – save time and money.  And it’s there every hour of every day, the editor all lawyers need.

Experience WordRake software with a free 3-day trial at Also on the website you can see the “Rake” in action through a fast and easy demo.  It is definitely worth trying this tool, deemed by WordRake customer Robert Cumbow “a miracle drug.”

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