Are You Having Fun?

Discovering Fun in Your Law Practice

As a business coach for lawyers I often find myself helping my clients discover how to have more fun.   So as well as helping them set professional career goals, I also help them set goals that help them have more fun.

We start with using a simple life satisfaction assessment tool that includes “fun and recreation.”  Many lawyers have a tendency to give themselves a low score when they answer the question, “How satisfied with fun in your life are you?”

Start by Determining What’s Fun for You

Many people don’t consciously know what’s fun for them.  Here are a few things my clients find fun:

  • Enjoying time with loved ones
  • Playing, practicing, and listening to music.
  • Getting billable hour goals meet early so they can leave and spend time with their children.
  • Taking a day off each month to do whatever they want.
  • Increasing the amount of vacation time taken from year to year.
  • Eating fine food at wonderful restaurants.
  • Reading page turning novels.
  • Taking long hikes or walks in newly discovered parks.
  • Long distance running, spin class or Pilates.

What’s important is to confirm your own definition of fun not someone else’s.

What’s it Take To Have Fun?

The practice of law is demanding and if you don’t make having fun important, then you’re probably finding you aren’t having enough fun.  Here are some goals that might help you increase the amount of fun you have:

  • Leave the office by 6 p.m.
  • Read 12 books for pleasure by a date certain.
  • Plan specific fun activities with each child.
  • Take a course for pleasure.
  • Have lunch with a good friend twice a month.
  • Laugh out loud at least once a day.
  • Listen to music in your office.
  • Train with others.
  • Improve your golf score by a date certain.
  • Create a backyard oasis by the end of the summer.

The above are examples of having fun outside of work.  Here are some things you can do to improve your fun at work satisfaction level:

  • Only work with clients you enjoy.
  • Only work on rewarding matters.
  • Only work in an office with people you like.
  • Work in an environment that suits you.
  • Make your work interesting.
  • Change your practice so you can reduce the number of hours you spend working.

Develop a Fun Attitude

Attitude goes a long way to having more fun in your practice. You can choose that you’re enjoying yourself and having fun or that what you do is a grind.  Shifting your attitude may be all you need to do to notice the fun in what you’re doing.

My idea of fun is dining with friends, reading page-turners, going to the Seattle Art Museum, and volunteering at the animal shelter.   My work is fun because I like all of my clients and I take such pleasure from helping my clients achieve amazing career successes!

If you would like coaching on how to have more fun in your law practice I’d have fun working with you.  Please contact me , Irene Leonard, Business Lawyer Coach to see how I can assist you.

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