Change Your Limiting Marketing Beliefs

If you’re having a difficult time adopting new marketing behaviors, it may be necessary to go deeper than just noticing your inability to perform the behavior. You need to uncover the thoughts that might be limiting or stopping you. Some thoughts are limiting, and until uncovered, block actions.

What are limiting beliefs? 

They are beliefs, either conscious or unconscious, that stop or limit you from doing something you say you want to do.

For example, you’ve come up with a personal marketing plan. The plan includes doing things you’ve never done before and don’t think you’d be comfortable doing, such as meeting new people or asking friends or colleagues for help with marketing yourself.

Then you just don’t find the time to make those calls. If you’re like many people in this predicament, you’re likely being stopped by fear or limiting beliefs and calling it procrastination.

One of my past clients, Joe (not his real name), agreed to make five calls to potential referral sources.  Although he knew he should make the calls, he didn’t even make one in the time period he agreed was a reasonable time in which to make them. He was embarrassed to make the calls because he didn’t want people to think he needed more work.

It was necessary for Joe to come up with a strategy—that included a script—to deal with why he was looking for work. The limiting belief that stopped him from making the calls was: “I must not be a good lawyer because I need more work”.  He realized during our coaching conversations that this belief was unconsciously limiting his efforts. Once he realized what was actually stopping him, he devised a plan to overcome the obstacles.  This time he followed through on his plan and made the calls.

If you would like coaching on how to overcome your marketing limiting beliefs in your law practice, please contact me , Irene Leonard, Business Lawyer Coach to see how I can assist you.

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