Legal Case Management Software Makes a Difference

This month’s law practice management post is written by guest blogger Nicole Raffay, Search Analyst for LexisNexis.

Law practice management has evolved dramatically over time, especially as technology has changed. What used to be endless rows of dusty filing cabinets became a personal computer. Then the internet and mobile devices appeared and once again changed the entire playing field.

Professionals in every field are being pressed to do more than ever before, and managing your client list, time, and firm finances can be a major challenge. This is especially true if you are part of a small firm or solo practice. As a lawyer, this move toward increased on-the-go mobility is especially challenging. Something as simple as a client meeting can require a large stack of files, and something as complex as a hearing almost requires its own filing cabinet. How can you make sure you have all your documents at all times, without breaking your back? Legal case management software can help make the difference in your firm.

Small firms and solo practices have often been frustrated by law practice management software. Everywhere you turn there are high fees, long training periods, and massive technology requirements. A smaller or solo firm doesn’t have the time or resources for that kind of investment, so they simply move on using their old methods. Unfortunately those methods are more time-consuming and often put them at a disadvantage compared to larger firms.

LexisNexis Firm Manager offers legal case management software that was created with smaller firms in mind. This software has simple setup without the hassle of major technology requirements, and allows you to easily import contacts and appointments from Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. While there are advanced features, you can get the basic software up and running and get back to work without having to learn everything right away. In addition, it operates over a variety of mobile devices, allowing you on-the-go access to your files.

As a small firm, you can’t afford to miss out on any opportunity to become more competitive. Legal case management software can bring your practice to the next level and help you become more mobile and efficient in – and out – of the office.   Written by Nicole Raffay.

Although I have not used LexisNexis Firm Manager software, Case Management Software is definitely a must to manage a successful, efficient law practice.


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