Client’s need to feel the love

If you want to be successful your clients need to feel that you love them.  They need to feel that:

  • They are important to you.
  • You like them.
  • You understand where they are coming from.
  • You want to help them.
  • You are following through on your promises.
  • You call them before they feel the need to call you.
  • You don’t keep changing the rules.
  • You want to help them with their situation.
  • You trust them.

In a recent refinancing attempt (with a company I have been with for over 9 years) I didn’t feel the love so at the last minute I didn’t go ahead with the transaction and have moved to a different lender.

Because of loyalty to that long term lender I hadn’t bothered to check out whether I could get a better deal somewhere else (I could and did).  But when I didn’t feel the love time and time again (over a 5 week period)  I decided “no” I don’t want to do this transaction with you.  The straw that broke my back was when I was expecting to get documents to sign after they said everything was done and then asked for one more thing.

This experience made me aware on a personal level how absolutely right Steve Farber’s key note message was.  I attended a presentation by Steve Farber author of “Radical Leap Re-Energized” a few weeks ago and was very inspired with his message.  Not only do you need to love what you do, you need to love your client, and your clients need to love you.

Farber made me realize its okay to use the word “love” in business.  In fact it’s necessary to love your work, love your client and have your client love you and your results if you want to be successful.  That high level of passion and commitment to your client is what’s important for success.

Do your clients know you love them?  If you not, what will you do better?

If you would like coaching on how to show the love for your clients in your practice please consider contacting me to see how I can assist.  Check out my website



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    Mighty useful. Make no msiatke, I appreciate it.

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    Back in sohocl, I’m doing so much learning.

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