Tap Into Your Genius by Journaling

If you’re like most of us your ideas come up when you least expect them.  They may arise when in the shower, exercising, day dreaming or taking a walk.

Ideas come from writing

Journaling = Ideas

Tap into your creativity or genius by journaling to capture those good ideas.  I heard Michael Gelb speak on How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci a few days ago.  He was a terrific speaker – very inspiring.

He described Leonardo da Vinci’s  notes that showed how extensively da Vinci journaled and use a mind-map process to generate and develop his inventions, art, and other ideas.

I’ve used Julia Cameron’s “morning pages” from the Artist’s Way at Work for years as a way to capture my early morning ideas.  Not sure I would describe my ideas as genius, but I definitely tap into a source of ideas that wouldn’t show up if I didn’t journal every morning.

If you decide to tap into your creative side by journaling, don’t worry about being linear.    Just let your ideas flow in any way they show up.  After you have an idea that you want to develop; keep writing in a free flowing way to expand the idea.

After you’re satisfied with the idea – then you can organize, edit, and set up an action plan to follow through on the idea.

What will it take for you to journal to let your genius or creative side have this avenue to help you develop your law practice?

If you would like coaching on how to tap into your genius to grow your practice, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.  Check out my website  http://www.coaching-for-lawyers.com/legalcoach.

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