Law Practice Tip #12: Align your practice with your values

Coaching For Lawyers Law Practice Tip #12

Fundamental to a fulfilling and rewarding law practice is to align your practice with your values.  Make sure the values and principles that are important to you are showing up in your practice.

What are your values that you need to make sure show up in your practice?  How many of these values that are common to many lawyers do you value? Honesty, justice, respect, relationship, compassion, service, learning, intelligence, challenge, accomplishment, recognition, control, freedom, integrity, problem solving, peace, trust, order, contribution, honor, wisdom, acceptance, fun. 

Of those values that are most important to you, how much does your practice align with those values?

What will you do to align your practice even more with your key values?

I became a business coach for lawyers in order to align more with my values of respect, connection, and accomplishment. Since my work is with lawyers I’m also in alignment with my values of justice, fairness, contribution, intelligence and service.

If you would like coaching on practicing law in alignment with your values please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.  Check out my website

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