Law Practice Tip #9: Meticulously track your time

Coaching For Lawyers Law Practice Tip #9

 Keep meticulous track of your time

 Keeping meticulous track of your time will help you receive the full value for your work.  Do whatever it takes to change any bad habits and start tracking all of your time contemporaneously. If you haven’t been keeping meticulous track of your time doing so will generate higher revenues.

 Don’t rely on recreating your time at a later date.  Doing so just short-changes you and makes it harder to defend your bills with your clients.  Keeping complete, accurate records of your time is the best practice.

 Don’t self edit while working on a matter.  Meaning, don’t decide that something you are working on is not worth billing or that you should reduce your time.  Leave that decision for when you review the account before sending it to your client.  If you still decide to reduce your time you can let the client know you are reducing their bill and get the benefit from doing so.

 What will it take for you to track all of your time?

If you would like coaching on breaking your bad habit of not tracking all your time please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.  Check out my website

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