Law Practice Tip # 8: Dictation will save you time!

Coaching For Lawyers Law Practice Tip # 8

Dictation Improves Efficiency

Whether you use a digital voice recorder, voice recognition software, or something like you’ll find dictating instructions or documents to be extremely time efficient in your law practice.

Although you may be very proficient using your computer and believe it’s faster to get something done if you type it yourself – be open to the benefits of dictating certain work product. Consider dictating lengthy original draft letters and agreements.

You’ll save more time if you dictate original work than if you type it yourself.  You can then make corrections yourself once you have someone else type the first draft.

If a document requires copying and pasting along with formatting you can give detailed instructions using dictation rather than laboriously writing yellow sticky notes.  You can also give instructions on how you want something filed using a digital voice recorder.

What would it take for you to start dictating to save time in your practice?

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