Law Practice Tip #10: Get feedback from your clients

Coaching For Lawyers Law Practice Tip #10

Solicit feedback from your clients.

Find out what kind of experience your clients are having while working with you. Ask them “How are you finding the experience of my working for you? What can I do to improve how this is going?”

If you receive positive feedback still consider how you can improve your legal services from what you learn from them. If the feedback isn’t so good then recalibrate or change the way you work to give those clients a better experience.  You want them to be happy with you and your services while they are working with you.  You can’t fix anything after the matter is complete.  Future referrals result from clients that have a positive experience.  Just asking them what you need to do to improve will give them a better experience of working with you.  It shows you care and that goes a long way.

What’s important to your clients is the experience they have with you.  Not necessarily the quality of your legal product. Your client, generally, does not know good legal work from bad legal work. However, they do know if their lawyer keeps them informed, does what he or she says, and returns their calls or emails. Performing those activities well will result in a good experience for your clients.

Are you afraid to find out what your clients think about you? If you are, what does that mean? That you are not giving good service? If not, is it time for you to make changes? Making those changes will make your practice more rewarding.

What will it take for you to ask your clients “What can I do to improve how we are working together?”

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