Law Practice Tip #4: Be Actively Involved

Coaching For Lawyers Law Practice Tip #4

Being actively involved in groups or organizations that interest you will do at least two positive things. You’ll be doing something other than practicing law, so you’ll add some balance to your life. Since you’re interested in the group you’ll have fun – always a good thing. And you’ll have a good opportunity to increase your visibility in your community as to your occupation as a lawyer. That’s another great way to market for potential new clients. If you’re involved with groups that your existing clients are involved with that is good client relations or development.

These groups include groups like Rotary, Kiwanis, your Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, volunteer groups, tennis clubs, biking clubs, and any groups you have an interest.

Review the groups or organizations for which you are a member. Is it time to add, remove, or even attend some meetings?

What do you want to do about your participation in groups or organizations?

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