The Fine Art of Delegation for Lawyers

 Nine Tips for Better Delegation

Delegating well is one of those skills that help a lawyer feel great about their practice. 

 Here are nine tips to help you delegate better.

  1.  Choose or hire the right person for the assignment or job.
  2. Have a delegation plan for the process.  What results do you want?  What do you need to have happen immediately? Next week? And so on.
  3. Be clear about what results you want before you delegate. If you aren’t clear about what you want when you delegate you shouldn’t be critical if the delegatee does something different from what you want done after you’ve had time to think about it.
  4. Give clear directions and expectations.
  5. Point the delegatee in the right direction – give them precedents or examples of what you want.
  6. Make sure your expectations are realistic and it is reasonable to delegate this assignment or project to this person. 
  7. Give enough time for the delegatee to achieve the result you want.
  8. Monitor the delegatee’s progress – don’t wait until it’s too late for him or her to fix or improve the work product.
  9. Don’t fix the work product yourself.  Let the delegatee do the revisions so you train him or her to do work for you the way you want.

 When it comes to delegating, take responsibility for what doesn’t work.  Course correct by considering which of the nine tips you need to improve in order to get the results you want.

 Don’t use the excuse it takes too much time to train.  Look at the long term picture of having a great practice and invest the time.  When you delegate well, you will have you more time to grow, manage and enjoy all the aspects of your practice.

 If you would like coaching on becoming a better delegator, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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