Communication Skills

 The most effective marketing and practice development tool for lawyers is to maintain excellent client relations.  The most critical method of maintaining excellent client relations is to effectively communicate with your clients.

In addition to good lawyering, clients want to feel they have your attention, you are working on their matter, their case is important, and they are getting their money’s worth.  Since your client rarely knows if you are technically good as a lawyer they make judgments based on their interaction with you. If they feel ignored or neglected they will generally assume you are not a good lawyer.  So it is vital in developing your practice to make your clients feel important by the way you communication with them. 

Get to know your clients.  Trust your intuition in communicating with your clients.  Effective and appropriate communication that you do with ease will result in developing quality relationships that will make your practice more satisfactory.

How to Maintain Effective Communication With Clients:

The following are ways to maintain effective communication with your clients. 

  • Communicate without legalese with your client.
  • Generally be available.  Have answers for your client.
  • Return all client calls or emails promptly.
  • Have someone else return calls if you are busy.
  • Contact your client before they contact you.
  • Be sincere.
  • Listen to your clients.
  • Establish rapport with your client.
  • Know what’s important to your client.
  • Keep your client informed.  When your client hears nothing they assume their lawyer is doing nothing.
  • Ask for and get feedback from clients.
  • Conduct an annual legal review to identity client needs.
  • Contact your clients regularly.

Which of the above do you wish to improve?

If you would like coaching on how to improve your communication skills, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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