Lawyer’s Elevator Speech Needs to be Relevant

Marketing yourself includes having a meaningful description of what you do.

 It’s important to have a 15 second, meaningful description of what you do.  It should be easy for you to say and should help people that you meet really understand what kind of law you practice.

 If you are one of those lawyers uncomfortable saying something “catchy” because you don’t like selling, how about if you choose the perspective that you are helping people know you better rather than selling?  It can also be an ice breaker at a networking event if you can tell the person who just asked you what you do something that stimulates their interest.

 Years, I ago I meet a lawyer who described himself as an accident lawyer.  “I’m an accident lawyer.  If you or anyone you know is in an accident contact me to see how I can help.”  I thought that was a brilliant way to describe his type of law practice.   It’s a description that’s very easy to remember and stands out from the crowd in a clever way.

 What do you think of these answers to the question “what do you do”? If you’re at a networking event, which of the following answers gives enough information to result in understanding and conversation?

  1. I practice law. Or
  2. I am a real estate attorney. Or
  3. I’m a dirt lawyer. (If you are able to be clever and it’s the right occasion. I never thought of saying this when I practiced law.) Or
  4. I practice real estate law. My typical clients are commercial real estate developers. Or
  5. I practice real estate law. I enjoy helping my clients negotiate and close smooth, seamless deals that help them make a lot of money.

 If you’re not happy with your elevator speech take the time right now to revise it. Practice it out loud a couple of times to make sure you’re comfortable saying it.

 If you would like coaching on getting over the fear you have around introducing yourself in a meaningful way, please consider contacting me to see how I can assist you.

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