Giving Excellent Customer Service

Know your client’s expectations of good service

Ask for feedback from your clients during the course of their matter so you can match their expectations.

I think it’s interesting that lawyers are reluctant to ask their clients for feedback.  In my coaching practice one of the suggestions I make as part of a marketing or relationship building plan is to ask clients for feedback during the course of acting for a client. Rarely do my clients choose that course of action.  I’ve had clients that have asked for feedback at the end of a matter.

Sometimes there will be another lawyer in the firm that is supposed to be following up with clients – usually at the conclusion of a matter. Larger firms are known to use non lawyers to seek feedback after a matter is concluded. 

Lawyers should ask for feedback during the matter as well as after.  How can you fix your service if you wait until it is too late? After the matter is concluded is too late to improve your service for that client.  If you get feedback from your clients while working with them you can deliver the kind of service they want and live up to their expectations. You can then treat them the way they want to be treated.  That will make them happy or satisfied with you and your delivery of legal services.

Since the best way to market your practice is through the referrals of happy clients, find out as early as you can what would make them happy, and then do that.  This is the most inexpensive form of marketing you can do. 

What do you need to find out to deliver what your clients would think is excellent service?

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