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July 4, 2010 Delegation

Law Practice Management tips and posts, covers topics that will be of interest to lawyers wanting to improve, grow or enjoy their law practice.  My focus will be the individual lawyer’s practice concerns or issues.   I have found that coaching lawyers one-on-one makes for the greatest improvement and satisfaction for both my client and me.

I have been writing and publishing law practice tips on a bi-weekly basis on my web site since July 2001.  The tips include improving client relations, defeating procrastination, time management, marketing or rain making, staff management, delegation and whatever else that are issues for my clients.  I’ve intentionally kept the tips short.  I plan to move those tips over to this lawyer practice management blog.

I may also expand on some of the tips by providing additional thoughts and information.    If you want to receive my law practice tips by email send me an email at with request law practice tips in the subject line.

This law practice tip is intended to help you focus on practicing law rather than getting bogged down on an administrative function that you can’t bill for.

“Delegate Rather than Procrastinate

If there’s some task or project you’ve been procrastinating on, stop making yourself responsible for doing the actual task and instead make yourself responsible for simply getting the task done. Delegate the task, or parts of the task, to someone who’s better at doing it than you.

As a business coach I’m often surprised by the response I get when I suggest that something my client has been procrastinating on can be delegated. There’s usually a pause while the light bulb goes on and they say, “I never thought of that.””

For example, the client that thought they needed to organize their taxes before giving them to their accountant, but just can’t get to it.  I suggested she put all the documents and records in a box and give it to her accountant.  Tax accountants are use to this kind of stuff.  I also suggested that she ask the accountant to help her set up a system that she can use to make it easier to organize her files for next year.

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